Unique Experience in El Valle, A Vision, an Ethic...

Prepare for a truly unique experience.

If you dream of a natural bath, to recharge your batteries at the edge of a beautiful beach, Unique Experience invites you to a «Barefoot Luxury Experience», I mean holidays that combines wild beaches, turquoise waters, coconuts, mangoes, jungle, a little activity and a great freedom.
The hotels are called Unique, the project of eco-sustainable tourism development of the Valley is unique in the Peninsula of Samaná and in the Dominican Republic, and your future experience in El Valle will be unique.

Whether you are a traditional tourist, a young adventurer, a voluntary traveler, a nature and its preservation enthusiast , sportsman, meditative, fan of full moon nights parties or simply looking for a new style of vacation “Welcome In El Valle”.

Tomas Avogadro, for about ten years, has been tirelessly engaged in the conception and development of a community project in El Valle: to protect nature by implementing a controlled eco-tourism in such a beautiful place, seems to be the best way to guaranty the sustainability and beauty of this prodigious valley.

This very friendly and communicative young Argentinean, talks about his ambitious project at great speed, always pressured by the time and things that remain to be done.

Already, scattered in the forest 6 micro hotels, invariably ecological, drowned in nature that meet all expectations: from the community guest-house for young back-packers to the Lodge in villas ethno chic, through tree cabins or roots bungalows.

As Thomas leaves nothing to chance, he associates his hotel projects with leisure activities adapted to the natural context that surrounds them, such as two zip lines zip line that allow you to fly at 15 m height above the bay and the rainforest that upholds the hills.

For the equitable realization of this significant project, Thomas created the cooperative Corazon del Valle that integrates the local families in the project participating in its creation, each according to their abilities. Here everything is recycled, wood, stones and materials of various types and are all used judiciously in constructions, so nothing is lost, everything is transformed. The natural water is filtered in cascaded, the plants grown biologically in organic gardens as the fruits and vegetables you will have in your plate.

As El Valle is such a vast "area", Thomas has created two huge permaculture farms devoted mainly to the culture of Chinola. As Thomas has one idea after another, he has already created his Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur brand, exported to US!


This project, in the neighboring community of Arroyo Seco is being carried out in order to provide hotels with organic food and allow tourists to visit during their stay the farms and discover their concept FARM TO THE TABLE.
Currently there have large passion fruit plantations where they also plant rambutan, ginger, turmeric, lemon, papaya, etc, where organic material is processed to produce fertilizer and bees are used to pollinate crops. They also produce for hotels soaps, cheese, honey, cocoa, sweets of various kinds by promoting these productions with local families in the community. Soon they will have a local store for the native products of the valley.


The production company of artistic events @OFFLINE.EXPERIENCE associated with UNIQUE GROUP hold electronic parties with natural scenery and international artists at the beach and each year collaborate in the realization of an air festival free of wide attendance and reputation @QUELONIOSFESTIVAL focused on the protection of the tinglar turtles nesting in the valley beach, art from recycling, culture and environment with a crowd of young people from all over the country who come to camp for a weekend enjoying the varied gastronomy, a flea market of recycled objects, bands of musician and djs in a natural environment. This time the fourth edition will be held on February 1,.

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