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BO SAMANA's idea is to highlight this unique region that attracts always new energies!

Created by Lucile and her international team, BOSAMANA.com is the result of a passion for Samaná's destination and a great professional experience in the sector of the international tourism.

Founder of several tour operators with direct sale to the final consumer, Lucile evolves the tourist world towards a new model. With great experience as intermediary between travelers and destinations, now Lucile comes with the idea of offering a platform of information and direct access to suppliers of the destination.

" Our guests remain impressed of so much varieties between them, an exuberant nature and beaches almost virgins, numerous activities organized for every passion, housings of different categories, the gastronomic unique offer in the island and especially this amazing sensation of freedom . We have as principal intention of making discover this so particular destination, its wealthsand its multicultural heritage that generates so many creativity.

The world changes and the travelers nowadays want to choose, to compare, to obtain precise information online and  organize their trip to the best price. The moment is opportune to take part to the change, to report our readers of the new projects, of the solidary  initiatives and of all the perspectives of development of the peninsula.

Samana's province has a great tourist destination and I believe in this! "

Lucile Maschino

Beneficial cooperation

We offer totally free and without intermediaries serices, the indispensable information to organize an unforgettable trip of discovery and experience in Samaná's Peninsula - local information, notify, the best packages and offers … all the details of the life in real time Samaná, in order that the visitors of the peninsula could organize their own trip.


Obtener información completa sobre el destino y agenda de las actividades


Comparar propuestas de proveedores y mejores ofertas


Reservar directamente la estadía de hotel, villa o residencia, taxi, vehículo o excursiones y actividades

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