Coconut Whispers Spa at the Sublime Samaná

Nestled between the Hotel Sublime Samana and the V Samana Hotel in Coson you will find the most beautiful Spa of the Peninsula, open to outdoor guests from 9 am to 1 pm upon reservation.

Treat yourself to a unique experience, original treatments inspired by the old local practices which use derivatives of coconut, honey, chocolate and other plants of the Peninsula whose energetic properties are amazing.

COCONUT WHISPERS SPA manufactures in an artisanal and ecological way all the products associated to its treatments. Therapists are trained in traditional techniques of well-being and beauty.

Each of the 5 cabins that surround the outdoor jacuzzi offer different treatments called «rituals» to remind their indigenous origin and their once sacred senses.

El Temazcal, is a traditional sweat lodge of pre-Hispanic type, a kind of sauna that diffuses aromatherapy essences to purify your body and your mind.

Hammock therapy or “floating dream” offers you an acupressure massage lied in a hammock with a natural eucalyptus gel to release toxic elements from the feet.

Mangrove dew, this 100-minute treatment, takes place in the Bohuco roots cabin built like a Tainos hut – Bath in Temazcal, scrub, wrap and massage with natural cocoa followed by a bath of coconut milk and aromatic plants in a sifted universe.

The Vichy Shower, is a hydrotherapy technique: the succession of exfoliation with coconut salts, warm showers and honey massage and coconut essences allowing maximum hydration of the skin and total relaxation.

For a couple massage, try the combination of natural aromas and nutritive oils of orange, tangerine, sesame and soy that ends in a ritual of a feet purification.

And of course a whole series of classical massages with therapeutic or relaxing virtues and natural products according to your desires and all the basic aesthetic treatments offered in a Spa.

 Sublime Samana, Playa Coson, Las Terrenas, Tel. + 1 809 240 5050,, by reservation only de 9 am a 1 pm.


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