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Atlantique Sud Real Estate agency, Las Terrenas

What are the benefits of Atlantique Sud?

Our real estate agency opened 20 years ago, today it benefits from a proven experience and reliability thanks to its various projects, including that of "Los Nomadas" which with its 60 luxury villas, is one of the most exclusive residences of Las Terrenas.

 Integrated in the life of Las Terrenas, the members of our team, all trilingual or more, are attentive to the needs of our clients, know how to make adapted and realistic proposals and inform our visitors, in all transparency, on the real estate purchasing modalities in the Dominican Republic.


What are the highlights of Las Terrenas and the Samana region?

The beauty of the Samana Peninsula, its exceptional beaches and landscapes, its exclusive tourist attractions like the National Park of Los Haitises or the whale watching in winter make it a privileged destination of the Dominican Republic.

Add to this its accessibility, it’s very authentic character, its unique seaside and festive atmosphere, especially in Las Terrenas, and you will obviously, under the eyes, the ideal region to invest in real estate and also in a very promising future.


Since taking over the management Atlantique Sud Real Estate, what are your innovations?

My priority, in this highly competitive and often confusing market for the visitor, has been to develop an easy-to-use website giving complete and verified information on the properties put up for sale.

We offer personalized follow-up, quick answers, monthly newsletters with the latest properties for sale, informative articles and much more. We understand the difficulties that the buyer encounters when he or she wants to invest in Las Terrenas. That's why we offer a complete experience, a "One Stop Shop." It's quite unique and allows our customers to make an informed decision.


What are the essential criteria for you to accompany a client or a prospect in his search for goods?

First, listening to the clients. Often the real estate agent pushes his client in a given direction. We are committed to presenting all options without exception in order to find the right product.

Second, being patient, giving time and availability. To find the right property takes time.

Finally, it is necessary to know perfectly the local real estate market in order to efficiently refer the customer to the right offer.


What is the “Las Terrenas Property Discovery Tour”?

Many people heard about Las Terrenas but never came here. Among them, some of them are looking for a place to invest. We invite these people for 2 nights in our beachfront property, free of charge and with no obligation to purchase.

 The goal is simple. We invite you to discover Las Terrenas, its lifestyle, restaurants, bars and many activities. We visit properties together, we go to the lawyer so they can ask questions about their project. By making them discover Las Terrenas, its beauty as well as its imperfections, we propose to our guest to decide knowingly to invest or not to Las Terrenas his time and his money.

 It is also a privileged way to deepen our relationship with our future clients, to get to know them better, to take the time to understand their installation project and their constraints. Our business is based on a trust relationship, the service we offer allows us to create it. This is the human aspect that we most appreciate in our business.


And why did you choose Las Terrenas?

It's rather Las Terrenas which chose me. It's a series of coincidences that led me to settle here. In life there are three things that are important to me: my relationship with people, my contribution to society through my work, and the environment in which I evolve. Here, I am lucky to have reconciled the three.

 I am a natural person, I like real people, with whom I can laugh but also say what I think. I am passionate about my work.

My challenge is to place Atlantique Sud as a key player in real estate development in Las Terrenas and Samana. This area has a high growth potential which is very motivating for me because I wish our agency to be part of it without losing sight of nature preservation, places authenticity and the respect towards local communities.


Atlantique Sud Website.

Calle Liberty Street 7,Las Terrenas

+1(829) 668-4180




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