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Terrenas en Plata Concept Store, Las Terrenas

We knew that Elisabeth and Jean Paul, the founders of Terrenas en Plata in the Paseo, had a knack for discovering talent. With its new store Terrenas en Plata Concept Store, located in Puerto Plaza, they reveal the prodigious creativity of young Dominican artists or residents who have been selected for their originality and their prodigious mastery.

Visit this Concept Store to discover an art gallery where you can buy everything or order it.

Jewelry, decorative objects, paintings by renown painters, gifts, clothes, leather goods, each piece has a history and an effective originality.

Specialist in high-end fantasy jewelry, Terrenas en Plata, selects the most seductive brands from Europe: UNO DE 50, GAS, SATELLITE, TZURI GUETTA and also discover local creators such as Sibyl who creates very stylized jewelry in horn and ebony, Patricia specialist in baroque pearls, Laura creates unique pieces assembled from ancient Egyptian, pre-Columbian pieces brought from her travels around the world...

You can also find in the gallery the works of very original craftsmen:

Leather in all colors: keychains, sand dollars, bags, cases, candles, cushions, personalized bath sheet ... and a pure collection of artistic fans.

The fantastic creatures of Luis Rivas, a Dominican artist with a great sense of humor who recycles and turns bottles, light bulbs and porcelains into birds with wings, multicolored fish or unique decorative pieces.

Or the resin sculptures made by Florence of all sizes and colors. These allegories of marine fauna seem to dance in light. Florence also creates one of a kind artistic works from pieces of recycled metal.

Of course, paintings by artists of Las Terrenas, such as Christine Pacaud, Michel Bizet and Charlie Simón who meet and exhibit their works in this new temple of creativity that Elisabeth and Jean Paul offer us.

Open 7 days from 9 am to 7 pm (Sunday 10 am to 1 pm),Puerto Plaza, Las Terrenas, Tel. (1) 809 610 47 69 tipos de INST @terrenasenplata

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