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EPyOS Beauty & spa, Las Terrenas

EPYOS Beauty & Spa overflowing with innovative and highly professional care

Rejuvenation, strengthening, weight loss, EPYOS is at the forefront of the best treatments for the face and body. Their wide range of cosmetic products imported from France and Italy are the most innovative in the world of beauty and provide truly spectacular results.

The NOVE LUNE facial treatment regenerates the skin, improves facial expression lines, conceals acne and scar marks, smoothes the skin, revitalizes the loss of elasticity of the skin tissues, rehydrates and helps to stop premature aging, all in just a few short weeks.

The OXYSAL treatment for collagen, face and body works to rejuvenate the skin thanks to its foams, masks and wraps. When accompanied by a massage also holds a promise of intense relaxation.

EPYOS also offers the TRIVALENTE natural thinning treatment. A treatment in 3 phases combining massages with an elaborate composition of essential oils selected for their synergy allowing the reactivation of the microcirculation of the skin and an immediate effect on the retention of subcutaneous liquids. The results are spectacular and will allow you to lose the centimeters that have been bothering you.

OPEN 7 days from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., AligioApart Hotel, 25 avenida del 27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas.

Tel. (1) 809 240 6898, FB EpyosBeauty & Spa


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