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CHRISTINE PACAUD Interplay of Light, Color and Transparency, Las Terrenas

For the past 10 years, Christine has been working with an incredible lightness in her studio in Los Nomadas, manipulating colors, canvases, rare papers, textures, stencils, tattoos, brushes, spatulas, sponges... Her undeniable talent is to vibrate with the light and its reflections, to live the colors and their superposition's letting herself be guided by her creative impulses. She tells us:

"The colors are there, ever present, vibrating, and when I put them next to each other I have the impression that they come to life! I feel that their vitality connects us directly to our inner resources, our origins. A language is established between them of which I am only the vector and interpreter".

Like an initiatory journey, driven by curiosity, she relentlessly tests new techniques that she calls "practices", constantly introducing new effects into her works.

Her latest discovery is to cover her papers on wood with subtle layers of resin that give a transparency, a texture and a fascinatingly unique vivacity to her merging of colors. These latest creations have given rise to the magnificent exhibition "Flora Y Fauna" in Santo Domingo organized by the Gallery District & Co, as well as enthusiastic media coverage, not to mention the dithyrambic pages written by Amable Lopez Melendez in the art supplement "Areito" of the national newspaper HOY. (19 August 2017)

We invite you to discover for yourself her extraordinary talent in her gallery in Los Nomadas (by appointment) and to share a special moment with this "painter in emotions."

Los Nomadas – Las Terrenas – Tel. +(1)809 608 7556 –

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