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Esteban Lalic: an artist

He lives in his studio open to all the winds planted in front of the sea that humorously calls the Gallery! In his refuge of raw concrete, he paints giant fabrics and miniatures that flirt with the light and the sea. With sparkle in the eyes, the smile on the lips, mocking humor, amuses of everything, laughs of everything and makes think of a feather…

Originally from Yugoslavia, fleeing the conflicts of the 1990s, he decided to try to continue his career as theatre director and stage designer in Santo Domingo but quickly settled in Las terrenas.

Leaving the scene by the brushes, he devotes himself for 30 years to his work of painter and plastic creator, passing from one experience to another, drawing in his paintings the light, the space, the architecture, the impressions of the world around him, evolving in his completely abstract mind universe.

The line Luz, line Espacio and Arquitectura attest to his constant conceptual research, works that can be discovered in the hotels Alisei, Sublime Samaná and Puerto Plaza in Las Terrenas.

 With his hippie look, he is the most sold artist in Las Terrenas and has achieved an international fame. His paintings are part of important private collections around the world, including Vancouver, Madrid (Embassy of Chile), Hamburg, New Jersey, New York, Santo Domingo, Santiago de Chile, Argentina and Belgrade. Several years ago the curator of the MOMA in New York City, an anonymous visitor to Las Terrenas, published seven of his works in "Satellite Collective", a magazine that devotes part of its content to the plastic arts and of which she is Editor. He has not sought fame, rather fame has found him. And you know what? He wants to be famous, but…ssshh… no one knows!

Work exhibited in Vancouver

Today, he launches his new original and malicious creations that put his mood at the service of his art and invite a debate between the world of art and consumption.

The collection "ARTE POR PIE" of paintings sold per unit, small format (30 x 30 cm) at low price, to compose freely the painting of your dreams. Original this interpretation of a modular artwork tailored to your space, your budget and your wishes - Try 3 paintings for their verticality, 4 paintings to form a small square, 9 to compose an immense.

 The collection "ARTE POR LIBRA" a series of fishes made of paper mache, sold to the weight as at the fish market, which are placed on an axis intended for this purpose to compose your own sculpture.

 After several gallery attempts in Las Terrenas, Esteban, opens with Puerto Bahia a gallery at the Hotel Bannister which will present his works like those of many famous Dominican artists invited by him and some local artists. ... Not a selfish artist.


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