Cedric Spique, Recycling Art!

This young man with a broad smile and a surfer’s look has found his passion for 10 years in Las Terrenas. In his workshop located in the Come Pan district, he recovers, stacks, transforms, and recycles all natural or industrial materials that inspire him for a future creation, hence the name of his workshop Upcycling Creations.

He picks up driftwood from beaches, construction recovered wood, car tires, metal parts, stones and pebbles…coz for him “nothing be lost, everything is transformed”. His hobby quickly became a profession and many clients turn to him for works that are always unique piece.

This man all trades, makes all kinds of recycled objects without preconceived ideas: furniture pieces, strange and pretty recycled wooden bikes for children or «Dandy horse», surfboards, metal trophies, tire planters and even customizes motorcycles just for fun.

The driftwood is its favorite material and he already decorated with his creations several villas, hotel and bars. Villa del Mar, Hostal Afreeca, Mosquito Art Bar, among others, have used his talent for the decoration of their social areas: its extraordinary sofas, tables, seats, lights, decorative elements, unique pieces of wood, all create a harmonious natural decor, a Zen atmosphere according to the spirit of the time!

Creativity, Recycling, Nature and Harmony, one of the objective and challenge of our century are joined together in the works of Cédric Spique.


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